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Shorter Tall Grass Resource Pack addon for Minecraft 1.19 so you can finally see where you’re going

How tall Tall Grass is in Minecraft has always annoyed me, especially since before it was added to the vanilla game, mods had a better version of what it should’ve looked like, in my opinion. I fixed it by making a resource pack in about 12 minutes, that completely fixes the problem and makes the grass reasonable again.

Alternate download mirror: https://novimatrem.uk/minecraft/ShorterTallGrass-F32x-1.19.zip

The pack works best with a Faithful 32x or inspired base underneath it, as it’s what it was designed for, I recommend AntVenom’s FaithfulVenom 32x resource pack underneath, which you can download here: https://antvenom.com/files


ShorterTallGrass-F32x-1.19.zip 44 kB

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